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During our first meeting, we were captivated by the abundant natural light in this apartment, despite its evident need for renovations after being occupied for 20 years by an elderly person. Take a moment to get in the ambiance of these rooms through these captivating before pictures.



The primary objective of this project was to transform the space into a furnished apartment for rental purposes. However, our client had a clear vision in mind: they didn’t want a simple, generic white interior. Instead, they desired a decor that was simple, efficient, and cocooning, inspired by the Hygge style*.



What is Hygge?

The Hygge style, originating from Denmark, embodies a lifestyle focused on well-being, warmth, and comfort. This translates into welcoming spaces where natural light and natural elements are prioritized, creating a cozy and comforting ambiance. Our decision to embrace this style was motivated by the desire to create a soothing and intimate atmosphere, conducive to relaxation and well-being, both for future tenants and visitors.

Within this charming 65m² apartment, we managed to preserve many original elements while giving them a fresh update through our expertise in renovation. The floors and the kitchen, which were in an irreparable state, were replaced with quality materials seamlessly integrated into the space.

One of the key aspects of our intervention was rethinking the circulation and ergonomics of the apartment. We meticulously planned each area to optimize functionality while maintaining a polished aesthetic. A well-defined entrance was created to warmly welcome the occupants and visitors upon their arrival.

In the living room, we opted for a large, comfortable sofa, becoming the centerpiece of the room, inviting everyone to relax and enjoy moments of conviviality. We also added a downstairs WC to enhance daily convenience.

As for the kitchen, we designed custom-made furniture in our offices, providing a solution perfectly tailored to the space and the practical needs of future occupants. To complete the furnishings, we selected reclaimed or second-hand furniture, adding an authentic and sustainable touch to the interior.

Wood, the epitome of warmth, is omnipresent in our design. We renovated all the woodwork, including the staircase and mezzanine, to preserve the identity and charm of the apartment.

The mezzanine bedroom, with its adjoining bathroom, is a true cozy cocoon, where occupants can recharge in an intimate and calming setting.


In summary, this interior architecture project perfectly embodies our approach: marrying elegance, functionality, and conviviality while highlighting the unique character of each space. Our environmentally conscious approach and choice of sustainable materials reflect our commitment to responsible and enduring design.

I invite you to delve into the images of this achievement, showcasing our passion for interior architecture, and to discover our expertise through the meticulous details and warm touches that make this apartment an exceptional living space. Please feel free to contact us for any collaboration or advice for your interior design projects.


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