Modern house


Welcome to our latest interior project – a colourfull family house in Grez-Doiceau. As the
interior designer, I was tasked with revamping the interior to accommodate the growing
needs of this family while infusing the space with a modern-style charm with lively and
vibrant accents.


My clients contacted me once their annex project had been approved by the municipality. So
we worked together on the plans, because although their architect had planned large spaces,
my clients did not know how to arrange them. The owner’s preference for a modern
aesthetic* presented an exciting opportunity to marry the old part of the house with the new


What is modern ?

Modern style in a home is characterized by clean lines and simple geometric shapes,
combined with contemporary materials such as glass, metal and concrete. Modern spaces
favor natural light and openness to the outside, with large bay windows and neutral colors
which create a soothing atmosphere. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and the
flexibility of layouts contribute to an atmosphere that is both aesthetic and functional.

The new spaces included a dining room, living room, bathroom, children bedroom and
office. The main challenge in this project was to maintain consistency between the main
house and the adjoining annex. I made sure to respect the existing style while incorporating
my clients stylistic preferences.
At our first meeting, we looked at the existing spaces that the addition would be added to, to
determine where light would be lost and where new bay windows would be needed.


Our goal was to create a modern space for a family with two children. The customers fell in
love with a pink fabric, which became the common thread of the project. We integrated it into
the dining room chairs, the reading corner armchairs and the living room cushions. For a
modern touch, we opted for metal and glass doors, a large ceramic dining room table, small
metal and marble coffee tables, as well as a large custom-made hanging unit for the living

Regarding lighting, I worked in collaboration with the architect to adapt the number of lighting
fixtures and review the electrical system for better ergonomics of the rooms.


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