Classic house

Grimbergen , Brussles

Welcome to our interior design project located in Grimbergen—a quaint Belgian townhome
that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Once boasting classical features such as
fireplaces in every room, ornate moldings, and high ceilings, the house had lost its original
charm over time.


Upon discovering the original plans of the house during our initial meeting, my client’s
desire to restore its classic allure became evident. Despite the absence of these
classical elements when she acquired the property, she was determined to bring
back its timeless elegance.
From the outset, the client expressed a desire for a design that was both original and
vibrant. During our discussions, it became apparent that not only did she seek a
return to classic aesthetics, but she also longed for a space that reflected her
personality and lifestyle.


What is Classical ?

A classical house typically embodies timeless architectural principles and design elements
inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Characterized by symmetry, proportion,
and balance, classical homes often feature high ceilings, elaborate moldings, and ornate
details such as cornices and friezes. Classical houses exude elegance and sophistication,
with noble materials such as stone, hardwood and marble that stand the test of time.

The existing furniture posed a challenge, as it overwhelmed the rooms and failed to
align with her vision for the space. Storage and organization were pressing concerns
that needed to be addressed.
My task was to reimagine the kitchen, dining room, and living room, infusing each
space with character and functionality. Collaboration with the client was key, and
together, we embarked on a journey to find the perfect wallpaper that would serve as
the focal point of the design. Once discovered, this wallpaper became the guiding
force behind every decision, from paint colors to fabric choices and even materials for
the kitchen backsplash.


Throughout the process, sustainability remained a priority, as the client had a strong
ecological mindset. We sourced materials with minimal ecological impact and repurposed
much of the existing furniture, ensuring that every aspect of the design aligned with her
values. Despite the absence of major structural changes, the transformation was profound,
achieved through careful consideration of colors, lighting, flooring, and furnishings.

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